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Sports Mentorship


The AC Group has devised a unique sports mentorship programme aimed at helping looked after children (LAC) within schools to refocus on their education. The funding for this programme is available to schools via their Pupil Premium Plus fund accessible through Virtual Schools. 

Through recent trials within Derbyshire primary and secondary schools, this mentorship programme has proved itself invaluable, yielding positive results, and has been very well received. By supporting LAC children, especially those at risk of exclusion through a tailored mentoring package, this increases their chances of remaining in school.

The mentoring sessions offered by The AC Group to pupils in their own schools include both One-to-One or Small Group Sessions. The additional benefits of focusing pupils' minds on sport helps to develop self-confidence, responsibility, respect and to make healthy life choices. Studies have shown a strong link between physical activity and improved academic ability, sociability, and mental well-being.  

Small Group Sessions have been used successfully, engaging the students in a range of sports and activities tailored to their own preferences.  

One to One Sessions are like the small group sessions, but here pupils engage in sports-based activities for around half of the session and are then supported one-to-one in class for the remaining part of the session (usually covering Maths/English).  

Both types of sessions can be used in Primary and Secondary schools.  

There is limited availability, but we are taking bookings with sessions being booked in 12-week (term) blocks. We do currently also have some limited availability this term, for any schools wishing to take advantage of immediate sessions.


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